Which is the best choice? a 2 or 3 BHK home?

Even though the procedures for buying flats of any size in Calicut remain the same, many are mistaken for the choices offered by 2 BHK and 3 BHK units when buying 2 BHK flats or 3 BHK flats in Calicut.


And if the ideal apartment size is not established for the whole family, there can be either less space or a supplementary bedroom. However, amongst the two of them, 2 BHKs are the preferred ones as they offer sufficient room for the present establishment of a nuclear family.


Therefore, size is a factor that you should care about while buying an apartment.


Here are some more factors to consider:


  1. Cost


2 BHK flat is available at a nominal cost than that of a 3 BHK. It is better to go for a 2 BHK instead of choosing a 3 BHK to suit the requirements of a larger house, although it is not necessary. You will not have to tighten up the finances and will not burden your budget.


  1. Maintenance


In terms of furnishing and interior design, the 3 BHK flat or apartment involves more space compared to the 2 BHK. It is also an uncomfortable task to maintain the house dust-free in a 3 BHK due to its larger size. A 3 BHK when compared to 2 BHK will also require extra monthly maintenance services.


  1. Investment option


2 BHK houses are always in high demand, which enables them to be sold or rented faster than 3 BHK as a better investment option. As the value of the asset continues to increase with time, the appreciation of 2 BHK is greater than that of 3 BHK. So, it’s always an intelligent choice to invest in the 2 BHK.


  1. Adequate space


A 2 BHK apartment is perfect for a couple or family. In addition to the master bedroom, the second bedroom can be a children’s room, a guest bedroom, or another storage area.


A 2 BHK is a characteristic feature of cost-effectiveness in Calicut. In Calicut, housing at the starting level has become extremely affordable to facilitate a proud homeowner with minimal financial risk.


Moreover, it is an attractive home option for buying at a minimum overhead, thanks to the additional costs such as maintenance on the Calicut 2BHK’s which are very low.


  1. Easy to Rent


Starting from 2 BHK offers you the option of upgrading your house to 3BHK in the future, and when you rent 2 BHK in Calicut, it’s easy. Calicut has seen a rapid influx of technologists from various parts of the country that require 2 BHK and is a major location in South India, thus facilitating the renting of the houses very easily.


  1. Market Availability


The mid-section working professionals may think of buying a 2 BHK flat at an affordable price with new policies in the real estate market such as affordable housing. In addition, developers also launch 2 BHK units because the demand on the market is higher than other BHK units.


However, you may be worried about the dream apartment if you plan to buy a rental property and otherwise buy it to live here, but let me say that one such example of apartments that will provide you with a hassle-free experience, is none other than the Landmark Builders Calicut.


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It’s a very good choice to have a peaceful life after work to buy flats in Pantheerankavu. With regard to luxurious apartments, every minute of care has been taken, consisting of the latest technology.


Landmark World has five first-class residential towers and a residential commercial tower. Landmark has behind it a fully engaged team that has distinguished it.


The designers, engineers, and architects follow recent practices. Their 2 BHK apartment for sale in pantheerankavu is located close to the flourishing NH17 Highway Corridor and are connected centrally to major city nodes with stress-free access to schools, state-of-the-art hospitals, city centres, cyber parks, and airports.


With its trendy designs, core architecture, and wonderful decor, the Landmark Village has never failed to attract you. These apartments in Kozhikode are spread over acres of beautiful green land in order to ensure a clear, fulfilling life experience. They’re shaped by the combination of nature and architecture.


Within Landmark Village, the Landmark apartment for sale features rooms and balconies with airy views both of the town and the surrounding scenery. Each apartment is lovingly and carefully designed and offers excess natural light, ventilation, and amazing views around.


You are in the right place if you are one of those who are looking at apartments for sale in Calicut. In the comment box below, mention if you have any suggestions or questions about the purchase of the property!








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