What Everyone Is Saying About Buying Apartment in Calicut?

Calicut as a city is filled with people who are rich and always hustling, looking for opportunities to get better and better. The development happening in this city is a sign of the people residing in it.

If you are a working professional looking forward to buying apartment for sale in Calicut then this is the place for you if you dream of adding a touch of luxury to your life. Although having an independent house of your own is something unmatchable but apartment lifestyle leads in terms of giving you a community that is like an extended family.

In the current lifestyle, we are in, even though we are inside our homes but the hustle has increased a lot which can be accredited to the uncertainties we are facing. Having a good community around you will help your morale get boosted.

Apartments form as a blessing in disguise for kids as it offers them a good community to live in and play with. It helps you start with a fresh page in your life if you are someone who has moved in from somewhere else.

The demand for residential requirements has increased a lot as per the trends being visible. As the restrictions are being eased down, people have resumed their home buying journey.

More and more focus is being given to bring more and more luxurious projects at a price justifiable enough. Investing in real estate has been a sincere practice followed by the people of Kerala and hence this helps them to become eligible for purchasing a good apartment.

Not only that Calicut has the utmost facilities but also the culture it holds. Being a part of god’s own country, you can imagine the perfect living in the beautiful scenic locations.

As mentioned earlier, due to the increased demand by the people to buy apartments, there is a good surge in developments happening. Various projects are coming into the city with the main objective of providing you with the best you can get.

Not only that these are just aesthetically great but also are packed with the latest technologies so that you don’t need to worry about adding anything else. Having known about the benefits of an apartment, it’s also important to know some factors while buying a property.

First of all, you must be clear about the budget you are willing to spend on the property. Compare the prices of the different properties and try to have inquiries.

There are many ways to do this by either going online or else gathering information from known sources offline. As far as the property area is considered, it is the entire area including elevator space, shafts, the thickness of walls, stairs, and others.

But the carpet area is a calculated portion within the walls. This area will be less than the built-up area which is used to calculate the price of the property.

In cases where the floors are shared by two people, the price of the common area is considered. A very crucial part is the land on which the flat is built.

Very good research must be done on the soil quality and topography of the land. The registration of the plot should be complete and it should be clear from any dues.

The title deed must be carefully read and understood before buying any property whether it be land or house or flat. The deed consists of all details regarding the ownership, obligations rights regarding the property.

Ensure that permission has been given for the construction of that particular apartment or flat in that location. There must be proper approvals from the authorities like development, water supply, sewage, electricity, and municipal corporation.

In case, you are taking a bank loan, the officials will do the needful inquiries regarding the property. Many delayed possessions are happening due to the reason that residential and commercial plans get delayed.

Since you are a buyer, you must be clear about the period within which you are going to possess the property. A developer tends to ask for a grace period of about 6 months but there has to be a valid justifiable reason behind that.

You must have knowledge regarding which banks are giving a loan to which set of builders. Some builders might not be eligible for some banks so it is very important to know whether the property you are interested in is on the eligible list of the banks for loan sanctions.

An allotment letter is provided to you when you go ahead and book the flat by paying the token amount of money. Then a mutual agreement is made between the buyer, developer, bank so that things go in the planned way.

The agreement should be clearly read and understood before the signing happens. If you are doubtful about any points, ask then and there itself. The area where you are going to live in is also not to be forgotten and thorough research should also be done here.

The research involves basic facilities, distance from important destinations, infrastructures. These factors are very important as they decide whether you would have a peaceful living or not.

Providing security to the family is also very crucial. Read all the clauses i.e., points in the documents and look out for the penalty clauses also.

The builder is liable to pay you a penalty amount monthly if he/she is not able to provide you with the property within the grace period. Additional things such as stamp duty, GST, registration charges, home loan processing fee, and all other charges should also be kept in mind.

Having known all these you might be worried about finding the dream apartment but let me tell you that one such example of an apartments in Calicut which will provide you a hassle-free experience is the one being offered by Landmark builders.

They offer one of the most premium living in the luxury township and also Peaceful living in the green city. If you are looking for places far away from the hustle and bustle of the city then they also have Calicut apartments such as Landmark Maple flats in Pantheerankavu which shows their dedication in bringing out more and more options to the different classes of people so that each of them is satisfied.

Planning to buy flats in Pantheerankavu is a very good choice to have a peaceful life after work. Regarding the luxury flats, care has been given to every minute detail, consisting of the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Landmark World has five top-notch residential towers and one commercial-cum-residential tower. Landmark has a wholly committed team behind it which had made them stand out.

The engineers, architects, designers adhere to the latest practices being followed. Their 2 BHK apartments and 3BHK apartments are located near the prospering urban corridor of NH17 highway in Calicut city and are also centrally connected to major city nodes with stress-free accessibility to educational institutions, state-of-the-art hospitals, town centers, Cyber Park and airports.

The Landmark Village has never failed to attract you with its trendy designs, core architecture, and marvellous decor. Spread over acres of beautiful green landscape these apartments in Kozhikode have been shaped up by blending nature with architecture to make sure a distinct and satisfying living experience is feasible.

The Landmark flat for sale in Calicut within the Landmark Village has in offer airy, spacious rooms and balconies facing both the city and surrounding landscapes. Each apartment is designed with love and care and it offers an excess of natural light, ventilation, and the most important feature being the astonishing views around.

If you are one of those who is looking forward to buy an apartment flat in Kozhikode, then you are on the right place. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding the purchase of property, do mention in the comment box below!

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