Top Luxury Features to Consider When Buying A Flat in Calicut

Having a home of one’s own is a dream for many.

from the necessities to relinquishing yourself in luxurious amenities are two completely different elements. According to differing times, the factors that determine luxurious living are also changing. These are the top luxurious features one should consider for flats in Calicut.

 Home Spa

Think of a luxurious and charming home spa in your 2 or 3BHK flat. Bathtubs in a large bathroom have become popular in many homes. But, what makes it elegant and extraordinary is that your bathroom gets revamped into your own, private spa.

In a state like Kerala, where tourism and holidaying are so prominent, having a home spa is a must-have not only for you but also if you intend to rent out your home as an apartment, the home spa will fetch bigger returns.

Driveway Alarm

This is yet another luxurious feature to consider in your residential flats. It is not just a luxury element, but a security factor that you must not defy.

It will give you the capability of knowing who is meddling with your property and also give you the time to get prepared when guests come to your house unexpectedly.

Fitness Room

Fitness Room is a common feature that even the 2 BHK flats offer. If you can pay for a luxurious life, go for a personal fitness room or gym. But, when you plan to include a fitness room in your 2/3/ 4 BHK flat, the fitness room must be spacious. Television, music systems, and speakers, and an indoor swimming pool to relinquish yourself in a relaxing bath after an exercise are luxuries in brief.

Theatre Room

Who wouldn’t like to watch a movie together with your family? No need to scramble to the movie theatres or multiplexes. If budget allows, have your own movie theatre at your 2/ 3 BHK apartments in Calicut. The same cozy seats, colossi screen, and Dolby digital sound system – isn’t it the perfect picture of a movie theatre? Even there are many 2 BHK flat for sale that offers this luxury feature.

Gaming Room

This is something that can be added to the luxury feature of your property. Kids and even the men in your family would completely love this indoor personal gaming zones. From the play stations to other sports setups can be promoted in the gaming room.

Whenever you are looking for flats in Calicut, go for luxury features like a gym, driveways, indoor game zone, swimming pool, and personal theatre. Many residential flats in Calicut offers these luxury elements.

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