Things to remember before buying an apartment in Kerala

If you are planning to look for luxury villas or apartments, purchase of property in Kerala is one of the best investments for several reasons. Property ownership is a matter of prestige; property appreciation is always happening because the available land does not grow. Property may be sold, rented, or leased off and healthy returns on your investment may be obtained.

Here are some things you need to consider when thinking of investing in Kerala real estate:

  1. Title Deed

Review the title deed and verify that it is clear – that the seller owns or has not mortgaged it or sold it as a property. It would be wise for a lawyer to review all the documents. When you plan to buy an apartment or villa, check whether the builder owns the property or simply the rights to development.

  1. Land Use Zone

Ensure that the land you purchase has been dedicated to your intended purpose. For example, if you buy a commercial building property in Kerala, make sure that it is spread commercially.

  1. Agricultural Land

You must have the authorisation to transform the land into non-agricultural land and obtain a certificate from the District collector if you purchase land designated for agriculture.

  1. Licenses

If you want to buy an apartment, it is crucial that you check all the documents. Ask if the relevant municipal authorities have approved the project. Check also whether the builder has received other necessary approvals such as the environment clearance, commencing certificates, etc.

  1. Release and Encumbrance Certificate

If an apartment is a resale property you buy, check if it is locked up with a bank. When promised, make sure the loan is paid off and the release certificate is secure. Request a certificate of encumbrance to ensure that the property is not subject to the law.

  1. Fair Value

Whenever you buy a house or land in Kerala, ask about the government’s ‘fair value.’ The actual market value differs from that; however, when you have this information, you will be better able to negotiate the sales price.

  1. Access

Whenever you buy a flat or plot, check out how well you have access to the place – on the main street or on a path? Is it easy for vehicles to reach? Whether you want to build a house or a business project, vehicle access is required. A wide availability of parking space is also important.

  1. Property Size

Ensure that the property size is accurately measured. Get a certified land surveyor if you are buying a lot and going to mark and measure the land. When you buy an apartment, villa, or house: check with the builder regarding the carpet area, and how much is built up: this means how much of the common areas, like an elevator, garden, lobby, and so forth can be added to the real carpet area of each apartment or villa?

  1. Check the Ground

You must make a thorough examination of the soil and topography when you look at the properties in Kerala to make your home, determine the type of base you need to build, the size of the structure you can support, and so on.

  1. Check the Site

The availability of drinking water in the building, trees (without shade, it may be unbearably hot in summer), as well as the general place of the property also needs to be checked. Make sure it is a decent and safe area, with markets and shops close by and with access to roads or major highways and public transport.

Ensure that there are health facilities. Check also the presence of institutions such as factories that emit hazardous smoke or effluents, noisy equipment, bars, etc that are suspected of causing disturbances.

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