Simple Techniques to Keep Your Apartment cool This Summer

It’s once again the time of summer. To cool yourself this summer, the beach and the swimming pool are the perfect solutions. But at the end of the day, you must get into the apartment so you have to find solutions to keep your apartment cool and refresh. We the top builders in Calicut have come up with certain techniques to keep your apartments cool this summer.

  • Reduce and Reproduce Sunlight

The sunlight directly coming into your apartment can intensify the temperature. Placing curtains, blinds or reflective window panels are some of the techniques to keep the sunlight out of your windows. Keeping direct sunlight off from your room will help to curtail the heat and warmth in the space. We at Calicut builders offer apartments with reflective window panels to block the sunlight from entering your space.

  • Dehumidify

The summer season is the best time of the year to cool down off through a beach bath! But if you’re are someone who likes to spend your summer within your home, you’re presumably thinking of how to make your apartment cool during the summer. If your apartments are in a very humid location, your sweat evaporates gradually, so it’s best to wear loose cotton clothes and other natural clothes or fabrics to spice up chilling. Reducing the humidity will help you feel cooler and fresh. Of course, there are other methods to make your apartment cool.

  • Switch off Lights When Not in Use

Light bulbs generate heat, particularly the incandescent bulb. If you can’t replace this antiquated bulb, then you can minimize the usage of such bulbs, hence protecting you from heat.

  • Play Smart with Your Doors

If your room is frostier or cooler than the outside temperature, then it is better to close the door of the room. This can maintain the cooler temperature for as extended as possible even within the hottest part of the day.

  • Light Colours Is Wise Colour

If you’re thinking to get the walls colored with a fresh coat of paint in the summer season, it is better to opt for light colours like peach, beige, light yellow, light blue or white. Light colours will redirect light and heat, where on the other side dark shade color will consume it. So it is wise to choose a light shade for your apartment roof so that much of the sunlight takes off the roof without getting absorbed.

  • More Plants

Fresh plants in and around your apartment create a refreshing and reviving ambiance. Be it the indoor plants, trees, or creepers’ effort to add more greenery to your living space during this summer helps to keep up the cool environment. They function as air cleansers and also deliver the much-needed shade and freshness for your apartment. You’ll be thinking of planting more creepers and trees facing the west and east to leave the harsh rays of the sun. Setting potted plants on the balcony of your apartment or living rooms is also a way of making your apartment look more desirable and attractive.

  • Your Multi-Tasker Fan

While the AC creates wonders in cooling down the temperature of your apartment, the bill can leave you gulping. A reasonably and chilling solution is to put a tray of ice cubes under your fan and feel the effect of natural air conditioning.

We believe that you have just found the following tips to beat the warmth and heat of the summer away and to keep your apartment cooler this season. And if you’re planning on buying a luxury apartment from the most reputed builders in Calicut then Landmark Builders are an excellent choice. You’ll be able to rest ensured that or not it’s neat to avoid heat infiltration by offering great cross-ventilation, so you don’t need to worry about the summer at all.

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