Luxury Apartments/Flats- The Best Choice for Perfect Living

Not all 2BHK flats or 3BHK flats in Calicut are luxury flats. Luxury flat/apartment is a different genre and has to meet certain level of quality and uniqueness. Here are 5 essential points to note while you purchase a luxury 2 BHK apartments /3 BHK apartments in Trivandrum.

The city of Calicut is changing at a rapid pace. With the rise of corporates and IT companies, Calicut is becoming one of the busiest and fastest growing cities in Kerala. It is the new destination for those who seek a better lifestyle and amazing opportunities. Most builders in Calicut working hard in changing the face of city. With rising options of luxury 2BHK apartment for sale in Pantheerankavu, buyers are now overwhelmed by the options they have. In this conundrum, choosing the right luxury apartment or flat might be a tricky affair. This blog gives you an insight into various factors to consider while buying a luxury flat/apartment in Calicut.

Residential property in Calicut is the best investment option too. Property rates in Calicut are set to rise and it’s best to choose a luxury apartment or flat when the budget favours you. In Calicut, properties near the airport are the best bet. Prime location, ease of access to the major locations, and other important needs are nearby.


Location is one main factor while looking for luxury 2 BHK apartments or 3 BHK apartments in Calicut. Is the location serene and calm? Away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet close to all necessities, a safe and secure place for the kids to grow and play, everything matters when it comes to location.  Finding a 2 BHK flat for sale with good accessibility is very crucial to many people in big cities. Clients will look for one close to shopping malls, cafeterias, restaurants, schools and other institutions, grocery stores, and other places frequently visit. While it’s good to be centrally located, sometimes a resident prefers for a quieter neighborhood.


Luxury apartments/flats in Calicut offer a privileged life filled with convenience and comfort.  These are provided using various amenities that come along with the apartment. The security of a luxury apartment can be ensured by using any biometric device. This helps provide residents peace of mind, allowing them to feel secured.

The luxury apartment or flats will have dedicated guardians who help the residents to organize services for their units, call them a cab, or provide them with any other help and data they may need. Possibly the most important service a luxury apartment offers residents is 24-hour maintenance. This means a resident can call for maintenance at any time of the day. Whether it’s a blocked toilet or a leaking pipe a maintenance person will be available at all time to help.


The design of a luxury apartment/flat is different from other apartments in Calicut. Luxury apartments in Calicut are designed to give a sense of intricacy to exceed the expectations of the client.  A true luxury apartment will come finished with granite or quartz countertops and high-end stainless steel accessories in the kitchen. Toilets will have stone vanities and elegant tub or shower spaces. French windows that assure large amounts of natural light and a luxurious balcony to an astonishing view is a key feature of luxury apartments.


Builders offer a range of amenities for their luxury apartments. Amenities like gyms and recreational areas including private swimming pools, yoga space, or a library are some of the common features builders in Calicut offer. Residents, who are mostly rich and busy, always find these features as great comfort for them as well as their families.

With surplus number of luxury apartments on rise in and around Calicut, builders are trying hard to make each of their apartment/flat project unique through location, amenities or investment. Any 2 BHK apartments or flats needs to have distinct floor plans, building materials, and an alluring aesthetics that can let the freshness in and from aisle to bedroom. Be sure to speak with the owner of your 2 BHK flats or apartment complex if probable so that you can learn more about the background of the building and how the building has been maintained over the years. You’ll want to make sure that your new apartment or flat will last, and that it also has the best of the best in amenities, leading to the next point.

Landmark Builders, over a decade of service and a legacy of building luxury apartments in Calicut that last beyond time. Our flats/apartments are a celebration of life and happy customers. The Landmark Builders has grown substantially over the years, providing the best residential solutions across Calicut.


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