How to choose an apartment wisely?

Sometimes there are too many details to consider when choosing an apartment, making it hard to make a final decision. . Hence, you are required to keep all possible points in mind before you to buy an apartment. Although some of the key factors to be considered while zeroing in on a new flat or house is location, possession date and price, there are some more parameters that need to be looked in to, while purchasing a new flat. They are:

Prime concern for location-

Location is quite possibly the most important aspect to consider before committing to a property. Choosing the right location for your house will add to the value of your investment. Apart from that, it will be advantageous in many other aspects of your life. The climate of the place, infrastructure, surrounding areas, and distance from the neighbouring cities are some of the important factors you need to take into account.

The Amenities

Amenities generally include a clubhouse, indoor games, and amphitheatre, children’s play area, walking area, lawns, swimming pools and many more. Building properties with amenities is mandatory nowadays as people started looking for such housing properties only. In the middle of the rapidly growing cities, making space for such amenities is being important for every builder.

Choose the right builder

Before buy a flat ensure that you choose a reputed/well-known builder with a good reputation and track record. As a home buyer, it is your right and responsibility to check if the developer has registered the project with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).


Ensure the project is easily accessible from major parts of the city and is well connected by public and private transportation. Measure distances from major parts of the city is very important thing, before planning to buy an apartment.

 Concern about safety

Before planning to buy an apartment, to make sure everything in the building is up to code and as safe as possible for its tenants. Some important things to check for include functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, access to a fire escape, and a well-lit entrance to the building.

Property Price

You must take consider the price of the property before to buy an apartment. It makes it easier to shortlist a house if you know how much you are willing to spend on it. Compare the price of the property in question with the ones surrounding it from various builders to get an idea if the builder has offered you a genuine quotation.

Legal Check of Property

Ensure the property is legally authorized to be constructed on the plot it stands on. The developer should have approvals and NOCs from Area development authorities, water supply and sewage boards, electricity boards and Municipal Corporation.

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