Apartment Security Tips: – You Should Know About


While buying or renting an apartments in Calicut there are some security checks that you should observe. In most cases, the owners themselves may provide you with the utmost security features. But it is not reasonable to wait for someone to take care of these matters. In the case of an apartment for sale in Calicut there will be various unknown people entering your apartment daily. It may increase the risk and theft in your apartment. Therefore, increasing the security of your apartment is significant. Also, read some important security tips that you should know about.

Most of the apartments in Kozhikode are having adequate security features. Nowadays, many homeowners are evaluating these issues and executing better security tips for their apartments. If you are a renter, then adding the security tips on apartments will be limited. But, there are some apartment security tips that you can use, even if you are a resident.

Here are some apartment security tips that you should know while living in Calicut apartments.

Installing Security Systems

In most cases, the apartments in Calicut may have security cameras. It is one of the most helpful ways to make your apartment more secure. As the visuals from these security systems can be viewed through any device, it is more beneficial. If your apartment is not having an efficient security system like CCTV, then you can discuss it with the owner and get a solution. Most of the builders in Kozhikode are giving these basic features in their apartments.

If the owner is refusing to induct these systems, then you can repair them yourself. Nowadays, there are numerous CCTV providers, who are delivering their services at the best price. It won’t cost that much to install a CCTV. After installing these security systems at your place, you don’t need to bother while leaving the apartment. You will be able to view all the happenings at your apartment from anywhere. Also, examine some important financial factors influencing the housing market.

Timers and Outdoor Lights

Having an outdoor light is a decent choice. As it may bring a feeling of the person staying in that apartment. Most apartments in Kozhikode are having outdoor lights for their place. Whether the light is burnt off, then you must instantly inform the owner and change it. In case more light is important for your outdoors, then you can ask your owner or install it yourself. It will only cost a minor amount to fix an additional outdoor light.

If you are going out for a few days or weeks, then it is a reasonable idea to install a timer to trigger your TV and some lights. So that it gives a feeling of someone is there at the apartment. Nowadays, many people living in both flats and apartments are setting up timers while fleeing the place for some days.


Before choosing the apartment, try to have a study about the apartment and its territory. Talk to the inhabitants and find out the area’s crime rates. If you are a tenant, then you cannot add more safety features. But you can research your location and the apartment before signing the agreement.

While choosing the apartments, also try to find the issue on the apartment like locking issues of the door, burn out the light, etc. You can ask the owner to clear these problems before signing the agreement. In case you are having any other prerequisites, then you can also speak of it. Fix the apartment only if the place is comfortable to live in and if the problems are cleared.


It is reasonable to have a peephole on your front doors. So, you can find who is standing in the door front before unlocking itself. It can even help you to escape from threats. Most of the builders are providing the peephole on the doors to their clients. So that they are safer. Apart from the peepholes, there are indoor viewers, door cameras, and many more. According to your requirements, you get any one of them.

The door cameras may help you to find the individual in front of the door using your smartphone. So that you don’t need to go near the door and lookout. It is more helpful for many people. Therefore, in the place of peepholes, many apartment owners are using door cameras.


Locking windows are also as crucial as locking the doors. You should make confident that the windows are having a decent locking system. In case there is no proper locking, then complain about the matter to the owner and clear it as soon as possible. If you are living on the first floor of the apartment, then shutting the windows is an important factor. Try to think like a thief and find the places that he can use to come inside the apartment. After evaluating the places, try to lock them from outsiders. Also, make sure that the thieves cannot break your window and open the lock. Try to fix some other things behind your window, so that no one can effortlessly enter inside.

Door Locks

Most of the apartments come with a decent locking system. But, most of the apartments will be having a normal locking system. These types of locks are not safe enough and can be easily smashed by thieves. Nowadays, opting for an electronic or chain lock is safer. The chain lock asks you for the identification before allowing the person inside. These current days, there are several protected locking systems accessible in the market. You can choose any one of them based on your needs. Having a secure locking system is one of the main apartment security tips that you should know about.


Getting connected to your neighbors is the most significant factor for security. Understanding the neighbors and each other is always a nice idea. In case there is a skeptical activity near your apartment, your neighbors can easily notify you. Also, in case of any theft activity, then you can first notify the neighbors as they can reach more effortlessly than other people. Even if you call the police, they will take some time to reach you. But your neighbors can reach your place within few minutes. Therefore, knowing your neighbors is a reasonable way to create decent security.

These all are some of the apartment security tips that you should know. Always feel free to speak to the owner about your problems or any necessities. With the help of the internet, try to find more security measures. Always make sure that you are living in a safe and secure place.

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