Apartment | Flat in Calicut- An Investment


Today, most people play it smart when buying/ purchasing their dream home. Their growing list of requirements and aspirations regarding their new home makes it more challenging for the real estate dealers.  Homebuyers today have far more insight than the basic criteria like budget and amenities, after all, the property is a lifelong investment. There are numerous apartments and residential flats in Calicut, where you can make a fruitful investment. For desiring home buyers in Kerala, Calicut is a flourishing spot for real estate investments. There are an innumerable number of flats and apartments for sale in Calicut. If you are looking to buy a flat/apartment in Calicut, here are a few reasons why your property in Calicut would prove a reasonable investment.


The littoral city of Calicut has many prime locations. The city of Calicut is strategically connected to the prominent cities of Bangalore and Mysore. Wayanad, Malappuram, and Kannur are the nearby cities. The city has a good network of roads and rails. The Kozhikode Railway Station and Calicut International Airport are located at a proximity of 1.7 km and 20 km respectively. The city also encompasses prominent educational institutions and hospitals. Calicut also houses the second-largest shopping mall in Kerala, the HILITE Mall. The city has many regions with a strong infrastructure for those looking for flats/ apartments for sale.

Rental Income

Your property can be rented out for a limited period and can guarantee you a fixed source of income. The city of Calicut will never dishearten those who are planning to rent out their properties. As a city that sees multitudes of migrants, there is a great demand for residential flats or apartments for rent.

Save on Tax

There is a wide spectrum of tax benefits that one can gain as a first-time homebuyer. Those staying in rented properties are also permitted to tax reductions on the house rent allowance (HRA).

IT Hub

The two main IT parks in Calicut – Cyber Park and the UL CyberPark are located at a distance of 7.5 and 6 Kms respectively. This has captivated many MNCs to the city which in turn boosted the number of IT professionals coming to the city. So more and more real estate projects are flourishing in this city that matches the lifestyle of this accumulating IT workforce. 2 bhk/ 3bhk apartments or flats for rent are particularly in demand.

If you are looking for residential flats or apartments in Calicut, there are few perfect locations to own one. The location, resale value, rental income, and flourishing infrastructure are what attract home buyers. If you are in search of flats or apartments for sale, Calicut can be a perfect choice.

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